After about two years, it should come as no surprise that many are at least tired of this terrible epidemic or, more importantly, tired and sick and tired of it and the impact it has in our lives !

However, this should not, and should not be excused, carelessness of others, in terms of great respect and adherence to fundamentals, common sense, public health, protective measures. How can this be another political issue, like so many, apparently putting their personal interests / politics and agenda first? How many more should be infected, hospitalized, put others at risk, and/or die?

Many older people have lost the battle, as well as the immune system, which is at risk, and we still don’t know all the long-term consequences: long-term effects and side effects! Why has this nation, despite its efforts and expense, had low immunization rates, globally, in the midst of phase one, developed countries? Everyone is tired of this and would like to return to normal, but the efforts of a few damage all our efforts and the power to improve our efforts!

Dangers From Pandemic Fatigue

With that in mind, this article will attempt to review and briefly review this, and why, we should do better.

1) Conspiracy theories: For some reason, some people prefer to believe and accept unsubstantiated ideas and opinions, rather than the facts. It started with denial, turned into suspicion, and created damaging resistance. Is there anyone who has never seen or experienced the loss of a loved one? Although everyone is entitled to their own opinion, they are not, on their own set of facts. It is one thing when your actions not only hurt you, but another – the other, when you put others at risk, in danger!

2) Politics: Why has this become politics, like many seemingly common topics? There is a big difference between thoughtful and practical planning, as opposed to distrust and complaining, denial and stubbornness!

3) The history of data and science: Mike Bloomberg likes to say, “We trust in God. Everyone else, bring data.” History shows that science-based planning, authoritative and supported by medical, scientific, and public health personnel is required to create rational, truth-based efforts.

4) Authorization Resistance: Although we have seen public health regulations, in the past, we seem to be facing a very divided world, in recent memory! Just because someone disagrees doesn’t mean they know more than an expert!

Either we continue, in a very cohesive way, or we expand the amazing stuff. Wake up, America, before many, lose this war! It depends on us, on each one of us!

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