If you read this, you should be the one who wants to make his first short film; however, an expensive budget prevents you from doing it. Yes, this is a common problem for filmmakers for the first time. Even when I started making short films, I faced this problem. I have made ten short films. They all had zero budget.

In this article, I will share some tips for making a short film at no cost. So, let’s get started.

Zero Budget Short Filmmaking

See Available Resources

Whenever you plan to make a short film, you should keep the story very simple. Look for resources in your room. Now assemble the structure around that particular resource. For example: a clock, a mirror can create features of your story. In my film, The Haunted Manuscript laptop, and the spectacle played an important role. The film won second place at the One Minute Film Festival 2020. We often ignore the things that are available to us. Try to look for things that will be part of your short film.

See the Abandoned House

Go with this option, only if possible. If you get one, there is nothing better than that. The beauty of finding an abandoned house is that you can set the story in it, improve the interior according to your need for writing. Choose one room, paint it, including home appliances, and design it according to your needs. It will pay off if you see your movie later. However, if you own a home, tell him that you will use it for your short film. You can restore it by drawing a room for you to use.

Shoot during the festivities

Festive seasons are the best time to shoot. Many lights reduce the cost of flashing lights. During Diwali, Halloween, or Christmas, the street lights provide the necessary light for your photography. Street celebrations also add to the overall ambiance. Makes your sequence shot personalized. This way of saving will save you money. All you have to do is put your characters in the right place, and half of your work is done.

Use Free Movie Planning Software

Film editing is an important part of filmmaking. There are many editing apps available online for free. Download the one you find easiest and start editing it. Check out the copyrighted music for the background music of your movie. Give credit wherever you upload your film. The editing software will complete the full flavor of your film.

Use Cartons As Utilities

If there are boxes available in your home, you can use them as resources. Cover yourself with paper and any other packaging you have. Use rice lamps to decorate them to create things. It will add something mysterious to it. You can also take the help of cutting paper to make things. It makes the film look real.

The tips above will help you to make a film out of budget. At the same time, it will also give a perfect cinematic experience to your audience. I hope you will make a good short film.

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